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    Online Networking and How to be Successful

    This is a great article and thought I would share that looks at Networking Online | Websites | SEO.  Enjoy, Learn, Generate Business!

    As small business owners, we should all take the time to learn more about how we can promote our business.  Traditional advertising and postcards work 75% of the time, but by sticking to those methods will mean you are missing a big chuck of your potential customers.


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  • My First Job!

    From the Desk of Marold Studesville, Avid Entrepreneur & Owner/CEO of Transport Financial Services, LLC

    Do you remember your very first job other than just chores around the house? I do!

    I was five years old when I got my first real job, and I remember it like it was yesterday. We lived In Arkansas where my dad stayed busy working in his pawn shop, and as a shoe cobbler, making, and repairing shoes for the town. We were the only family in town with a yard full of pomegranate trees, seventeen to be exact.

    When I entered the first (1st) grade my Dad, Albert Studesville gave me my own pomegranate tree. After working with him I learned a lot during his first five years of my life. He taught me about working him with the public, and great customer service. As my mentor he helped me with a spill, and let me take two pomegranates to school each day to sell. I sold them for two to three cents a piece which was a lot of money for a five-year-old, 65 years ago. Since, I made money each day at school my Dad let me use some of my change for snacks, and invest the rest in U.S. Series E Saving Bonds.

    “The Boss does not sleep, he rests. The Boss is never late, he is delayed. The Boss never leaves work, his presence is required elsewhere.” Malcolm Forbes

    I talked to some of the kids that would steal the pomegranate if they got a chance, and shared the delicious Persian fruit filled with bright red seeds to market my product. My dad helped me to know, and understand the product to promote its sale. When he saw that I had learned, he helped me to prepare a presentation packet of ten bright red pomegranates to go up-town to Mr. Simpson’s market to sell on a larger scale. With his guidance, I made my first order at five cent a piece. I was rolling in money, because there was no competition.

    To this day, my business practice is based on honesty, and candor. This is reflective in the forty-five year tenure of my transportation firm, Transport Financial Services, LLC (TFS), and my consistently maintaining an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in Pensacola, Florida.

    This “Thought of the Day”, and long remembrance of my Mentor, and Dad is a constant reminder of what I’ve learned about business, support, and services.

    Thanks, Dad!

    You can contact Marold at Marold@TFSMall.com or on his cell (662) 542-2908

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  • Fixing a Marketing Problem


    Fixing a Marketing Problem | Author Geoffrey Thompson

    The President of the late Adam’s Mark 4-star hotel chain had seven General Managers who were great at hospitality, but lacking in marketing savvy. The GMs were each managing the largest convention hotel in their city, and convention sales and bed-counts were king. Yet the founder was not happy. All other sales channels besides conventions were down– Tour and Travel, Business Travel, Other Groups, etc. He called me in for a special assignment- install myself in each of the seven Adam’s Mark hotels and teach the executives the science of marketing, in a learning by doing format. With the boss’s private jet at my disposal, and a year’s full budget, I started visiting each of these landmark properties. After one month, each hotel had a full marketing strategy in place, with all tactics filled in. After two months, the strategy was actualized, with large responses from the campaigns appearing just days later.  At the six month mark my work was over, with all segments besides Convention Sales exploding in growth, as the Founder had requested. “So impressive was this guy I started using Geoff’s methodology as my own!” Joe Dennehy, V.P. , Adam’s Mark Hotels.
    You can contact Geoffrey Thompson via http://thefixer.us/
  • Budget Friendly Website Design

    Focus, Dedication and “Pulling up your Socks”

    20 years of working at home has its pros and cons!

    I have spent the last 20 years working from home.  It has been an interesting journey of which I am finally beginning to understand.

    Having a home office was a great alternative to lots of challenges. These included dragging myself into the shower each morning. The long trek into the office was a two minute walk.  The daily challenge of dealing with annoying people.

    The fact is, I never minded working in an office. 

    I enjoyed the camaraderie, the brain storming, and ability to talk face to face with someone.  It is very difficult to pick up a persons body language and gestures via email. Even video conferencing has many problems. I had lost a big advantage. 

    The drive to work each day allowed me to prepare myself mentally for work. It also allowed me decompress for home life with my kids.  The drive allowed me to do a check list of things I knew I needed to get done. My attention to detail and focus is always better in the morning.  My drive home allowed me to remove the stress of work and to be a good parent for my daughter. 

    Being a single parent, in a place where I did not have any family close, was tough.  Covering the cost of day care for a 9 year old as a single parent was a challenge.  School only covers part of that time that you are at work. There is a limit that you can rely on friends. I was lucky though to have friends close by who watched my daughter whilst I was teaching at night. 

    Contracting jobs starting to become available to me…

    I managed to pick up a few contracting jobs through teaching. I appreciated that contracting paid higher rates than being an employee. It also gave the unique benefit of being able to manage my time around my daughters school schedule.  Disadvantages of course, were having to manage your taxes, and no medical insurance. 

    When I was reaching the point of earning 130% of what I was taking home as an employee, I took the plunge and quit my job.  At first it was a joyful time!  Working in your pj’s is awesome! Coffee breaks whenever I felt the need was beneficial. No wasted time sat in a car and spending hard earned money on gas. Finally being with my daughter whenever she needed. These were all wonderful things!

    I had three or four regular clients.  I was still teaching because it was a great source of new clients.

    But as time went by…I became complacent – I had enough to pay the bills and I was happy.  To be honest, I am not a greedy person when it comes to money…it has never been something that drives me to the next step.  Even as a Sales Director, it was always the closing of the deal that drove me.  In Sales you are always measured by hitting your sales target. My need for closing deals was always enough for the me to over achieve in selling anything.

    I have found it hard to replace the hunger I had for closing the deal. Getting a new client was feeding that hunger enough when I was working on my own.  The appreciation from my daughter, having me at home all the time was the icing on the cake.

    Complacency as a contractor is not an option.

    Please learn from my mistake.  Without any notice I lost two of my main clients who made up 85% of my income and I began to struggle.  I did not lose the clients through anything I did, they both decided to choose at the same time to take my role in house.  They were in Utah and New York, so that commute was not an option from Colorado.  But the severe loss makes you question yourself and check and double check if you did anything wrong.

    Luckily, not long after this happened, the guy I had been dating for a while suggested we move into together. My struggle continued but not from a money perspective.  I struggled to find some more clients to work with. I had stopped teaching and did not have that “lead rich” environment anymore.  You know the old saying, its easier to find a job when you have a job, applied here.  I found a couple of new clients and the stress lessened.

    So, I got married, had another child (a son who now stands a foot taller than I at 16 years old) and have moved states.  Clients have come and gone over the years. I am still working with a couple of clients that I worked with when I took the plunge into contracting.  As we all know keeping  a client versus looking for new ones is way easier. I have always applied the knowledge that customer service is a high priority. 

    But once again I admit, I took my eye off the goal, lost a big client and was almost at the point of wallowing in self pity!  I had not learned from the mistake of the past.  It is hard as an independent contractor to keep many clients “on the boil”. There isn’t enough time in the day. This is a challenge you have to overcome. Never let a client take more than 50% of your time…better to have 4 clients at 25% of your time.  I did not follow the golden rule. This one client was taking up 75% of my time, was a dependable payer and I was in my comfort zone again with the work I was doing.  

    Now, today, I think my eyes have finally been opened.  

    In the past I had not focused. In fact I had been “strolling” along in the world and it was time that I started to get serious. I needed to “pull up my socks” as my Dad would say.  

    In the last 6 months or so I have started to communicate. I have started to focus. My son is no longer in need of his mom being around all the time. I now have the time to dedicate to my business. I can develop more fruitful professional relationships.

    So yes, I still work in my pj’s far too many times. I still get coffee far too much each day. But I am focused on making things work. To growing my client base, and finally beginning to learn what type of person I want to be.