Small business owners are incredible.

Being an entrepreneur is so rewarding!

While the experience of owning your own business can come with its share of challenges and risks, many entrepreneurs find many of the aspects to be very fulfilling.

For me, personally it is the independence and autonomy that working for myself gives me that drives me to get up each day and to dedicate my time to both my business and my family.  The flexibility and ability to work on my own schedule has allowed me to work with a variety of clients over the years, but still be here for my children as they grew, attended school and then college.  In addition, as a small business owner I have had the freedom to make my own decisions and shape the direction of my company. This independence allows me to pursue my passion, creativity, and vision for my business.

I am an advocate for supporting local small businesses and working with the community.  I believe that small businesses play a vital role in local communities by providing jobs, products, and services. Owners can feel a strong sense of pride knowing that they are contributing to the well-being of their town and community.  Joining local networking events, fairs, and other events can bring you even closer to other small business owners in the area and build partnerships and relationships that you would not normally develop when working for another business that you are not personally invested in.

Small business owners
Challenges of growing a small business

Talking about personal investment, building, and growing a business can be a deeply personal and fulfilling journey. While being an entrepreneur is so rewarding, overcoming challenges, being creative and innovating and seeing my ideas come to life, is also immensely satisfying. I find that I am continuously learning and developing my technical, design, creative, personal, and business skills, and with those skills I can now better manage finances, develop marketing programs, lead more team members and problem solve with greater agility. This personal growth has been highly rewarding for me, and especially more so recently since my son joined me as a designer and video editor! We are now working together and building something that can be passed down to future generations.

One of the best benefits of working with small businesses is that they can quickly pivot in response to changing market conditions, allowing them to adapt and thrive in dynamic environments. A small business is more likely to go the extra mile for you and negotiate based on your needs and their time availability and expenses. I have found myself donating my time for free to non-profits that I feel strongly about, to building partnerships with businesses, that I would not normally consider a potential support avenue and work with individuals who come with a unique and personal need.

So far, I have not even touched on financial rewards. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, it can be extremely stressful, especially if you have employees that are dependent on you for their income. As an independent contractor for many years, I would be waiting on my clients to pay me so that I could pay my bills. That does not change if you have a business versus being a contractor. I can tell you; this situation caused many a gray hair on my head! Secondly, it is very tough to place a value on what your time, products and skills are worth. Researching what your competitors charge is hard, as a lot of times they have either overreached with their worth or totally undervalued themselves. I will say that while financial success is not guaranteed, a successful small business owner can directly enjoy the benefits of their hard work in the form of profits and increased wealth.

Being an entrepreneur is so rewarding but it’s important to note that while there are many rewards associated with owning a small business, it also involves significant challenges, risks, and hard work. Success is not guaranteed, and there can be periods of stress and uncertainty. However, for those who are passionate about their business and willing to put in the effort, the rewards can be well worth it.

Our next blog article will look at the challenges facing small business owners and how they can overcome them.
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About the Author

Alyson Stasek is the owner of The Little Web Design Shop, LLC based in Mount Olive, Mississippi.  The Web Design Shop works with small businesses to help them with their online identity, website, social media, marketing, and search engine optimization.

Essentially, The Web Design Shop helps small businesses to grow, succeed and to develop an online identity and brand that will take them into the future.  This can include helping right from the beginning and the initial concept for a company.  Services include designing of a logo, writing a business plan, domain & hosting purchases, email, and set up social media accounts, in addition to web design, development and marketing support.

The road is long, and full of distractions and hazards.  Let The Little Web Design Shop help guide you and support you. | Office 601 667 0009 |


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