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The difference between a Designer and Developer when it comes to design skills, is the difference between shooting a bullet and throwing it. We focus on DESIGN FOR SUCCESS! We want to help you grow & measure your business online. We offer more than just incredible website design – The Little Web Design Shop offers you the advantage of knowledge, strategy, digital marketing tactics and a compassionate team that can make it happen for your company!

The Little Web Design Shop helps entrepreneurs like you find new customers using a professionally designed website that we can design for you.

We work with you to create customized marketing strategies, websites, and social media content plans.

Let’s work together for your success!

ProjectsThe Shop's Website Portfolio

Everything you might need...Logos, Marketing Collateral, Websites....etc

Our team can design marketing materials and logos to ensure that your whole corporate window to the world looks cohesive and professional and tells a story to your clients.

The team can even help with email marketing and sending out newsletters.

The key is that we support and help small businesses. Budget friendly, website design and marketing is what The Shop is all about!.

What we do...In a Nutshell

The Shop can help…..if you need a website designed, updated, edited, fixed or even reviewed.  We offer support with your social media efforts through dedicated content marketing, either helping you set things up or by helping you to post and place relevant advertisements.

Supporting your SEO effort…what is that???
SEO = Search Engine Optimization.  Basically helping you ensure that your website appears at the top of search engine results.

What the Shop's Clients are Saying!

We appreciate each of our clients, and work hard to ensure that the services and web designs are out of this world!

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Please use the button below to download our Rate Card.  The Web Design Shop has competitive rates, and a team that can deliver!

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We have profiles and reviews on these independent sites.  Please click here to both read our clients reviews of our work or to leave a testimonial - Thank you!

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FAQDo you have any Questions?

Here are a few FAQ's that we get from prospective clients.  If you have any additional questions please email us.

What is the difference between your website address and hosting?

Step One | You purchase your website address (AKA your URL) from a registrar.  This is the information you will use to share your new website with everyone and is your registered website address.

Step Two | Sadly your new website will not work without the use of hosting.  Once we have designed and created your website, we will load all the files we have created into your hosting account and then “point” your URL or website address to where those files are stored.

So essentially your URL can be compared to your postal address, and your hosting can be compared to your house where all your furniture and personal belongings…website files…are kept.

How long does it take the Shop to develop a website?

Usually around 4 weeks from day 1 to delivery, but the more complex, the more time it will take.  The Shop will of course keep you fully updated on progress


Great hosting is hard to find nowadays.  99% of our sites are in WordPress and we advise that you choose a great managed WordPress hosting.  The Shop is a preferred partner of WP-Engine which is the best managed WordPress hosting on the market.  Ask us for a great deal on hosting via WP-Engine.

Why use ONE shop or agency to work on all your marketing collateral needs?

Great and consistent design across all your marketing materials will make sure your customers remember who you are!

DesignerThe Women Behind the Design

As an incredibly busy small business owner, you know that your company needs some online presence but finding the time to set something up is tough and you have no desire to learn how to set up a website, let alone play around with pictures and fonts….That is where The Little Web Design Shop comes into play and can work with you and help your company to have a well designed website.

Alyson Stasek, has designed databases, marketing materials and websites for the past 20 years and brings a wide and diverse collection of experiences to the table!  Understanding how a business works, and the challenges each small business owner faces on a daily basis is the key reason that you should choose Alyson to work on and manage your project.

The Shop is the place for great, budget friendly website design for small businesses! We want to bring the world to you via the World Wide Web. Let us know how we can help. Alyson Stasek, Designer

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