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Your website is a live and everchanging store front for your business.  We offer more than just incredible website design – The Little Web Design Shop, a local web designer, offers you the advantage of knowledge, strategy, digital marketing tactics and a compassionate team that can make it happen for your company!

You can be assured that The Little Web Design Shop will create a highly professional, responsive and mobile friendly website while ensuring all meta tags and descriptions for organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are set up and that you are fully linked to Google Analytics.  Moving forward, we are here for website maintenance and website support!

So, calling all businesses…

Plumbers, Electricians & Contractors Online (eCommerce) Stores for Gifts, Clothes, Food, Electronics, Crafts, Home Decor, Corporate Gifts etc.  Restaurants & Bars Accountants, Consultants, Speakers & Business Service Companies  Software, Hardware, Computer or IT Related Non-Profits, Charities, Education, Local Government, State Government & Federal Government Realtors & Real Estate Agencies Transportation & Trucking Legal Firms, Attorneys & Lawyers and any other businesses that needs help with their website or marketing!

We have the knowledge, the business acumen, and the creativity to build a website and marketing campaign for YOUR business!

The Little Web Design Shop takes the stress out of “digital”, “online”, “website” &”marketing” for ALL business owners!

Web Design

Full Website Design & Edits
A computer screen with The Little Web Design Shop LogoOur web design services include anything from small website edits to complete redesigns. We build fully functional, fully customized content managed sites. From establishing a simple web presence to actively pursuing your target audience using search engine optimization, The Little Web Design Shop brings professional website design to the businesses and consumers in the south USA.

Using the powerful WordPress platform, our sites offer easy to use plugins that expand the functionality of your site. This includes features such as SEO management, contact forms, email collection, and member’s only areas. WordPress has an incredible a content management system that ensures that your team can take over website updates after the initial setup, with little technical knowledge needed. And of course, The Little Web Design Shop will always be ready to help you out if you get stuck or need new custom graphics or website features in the future.

Logo Design & Branding

Developing your brand across all online media
A clients logo to represent our work.Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand, and unique logo design is the first step of any successful marketing strategy. Tell us your core values and target audience and let our team of designs get to work creating a company logo sure to stand out from your competition.

Our designers all have different design concepts and ideas have the expertise to create whatever look you envision; whether that’s simple and elegant, sleek and innovative, or bold and aggressive. Let us help your brand your corporate picture to the outside world!

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Print Materials

Brochures, Business Cards & Postcards
Print Materials, Flyer examplePutting your logo on various printing materials shows the pride you have in your brand. It creates awareness and engagement from both supporters and complete strangers. It shows that you take your company seriously.

Custom business cards and letterheads provide an effective way to introduce your brand into various business interactions. Brochures, banners, and company apparel make you the approachable and already connected with your potential customer at public events.

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Video Production

Shorts, Informational & Promotional
Video opening exampleDo you have lots of Facebook or YouTube live videos, or even videos you have taken of completed projects that you want to use to promote your business?

We can develop or edit any video that you need, from just a family fun video, a 30 second promotional advertisement, to a longer detailed video of events or meetings.  Video editing is now a Web Design Shop Service!  Contact us today to get a quote!

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Marketing Services

Grow, Develop, Succeed
Neon Image saying Social MediaWe help small businesses to grow, succeed and to develop an online identity and brand that will take them into the future.

This can include helping out right from the beginning and from the initial concept for their company. We can help you design a logo, put together a business plan, purchase a domain, email and set up social media accounts. These are all things that happen when you first step out into the world of business. We enjoy being part of your decision making and we make a great sounding board for your different ideas and concepts. The road is long, and full of distractions and hazards. Let The Little Web Design Shop help guide you and support you. It may be some time before we actually get to work on your website!

So essentially, we work in all points of a company’s lifespan. So, wherever your business is at we can help with your marketing, sales and branding. We help you to answer the question “Who are we?”

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Making your Website Accessible to people with Disabilities!
AccessiBe Logo

An accessible website is a website that is designed and developed to ensure that people with disabilities can access and use its content effectively.

The goal of web accessibility is to create an inclusive online environment that accommodates users with a diverse range of abilities and disabilities.  I’ve done extensive research and found a great solution with a company called accessiBe, which I believe is the best option for your website. If you are a Little Web Design Shop client, we have a great deal for you with no charge for the edits that may need to be made (I’m hoping that there should be very few!).  Click HERE to get going! As a potential client, we have a great deal for you too…after a brief review of your website, we can give you a free quote for any work that needs to be done to make your website compliant.

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The BEST WordPress Hosting Available!
WPEngine LogoJoin the WordPress platform backed by a team of experts who are available 24/7 to make things easy for you.  As a partner for WP-Engine we can guarantee the best support possible!

Order WP Engine Hosting with a GREAT deal

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