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The President of the late Adam’s Mark 4-star hotel chain had seven General Managers who were great at hospitality but lacking in marketing savvy. The GMs were each managing the largest convention hotel in their city, and convention sales and bed-counts were king. Yet the founder was not happy. All other sales channels besides conventions were down– Tour and Travel, Business Travel, Other Groups, etc. He called me in for a special assignment- install myself in each of the seven Adam’s Mark hotels and teach the executives the science of marketing, in a learning by doing format. With the boss’s private jet at my disposal, and a year’s full budget, I started visiting each of these landmark properties. After one month, each hotel had a full marketing strategy in place, with all tactics filled in. After two months, the strategy was actualized, with large responses from the campaigns appearing just days later.  At the six month mark my work was over, with all segments besides Convention Sales exploding in growth, as the Founder had requested. “So impressive was this guy I started using Geoff’s methodology as my own!” Joe Dennehy, V.P. , Adam’s Mark Hotels.

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