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“Discipline is the bridge between goals & accomplishment”
-Jim Rohn

Who isn’t super busy?

To keep myself from running in circles, I do a thought download.
I learned this from a gal out in St. Paul, Oregon, & it has been life changing.
Every Sunday, at 5:45AM, I make a list of everything I want to accomplish that week.

What all HAS to be done this week?  Can this wait?

The list includes everything due for that week.

  • laundry
  • meals & prep work
  • meal planning
  • feeding horses
  • rotating pastures for our sheep
  • filling water troughs
  • loading hay
  • feeding hogs
  • gymnastics
  • homeschool
  • art
  • tumbling
  • riding lessons
  • zone cleaning
  • church & events
  • travel time to events
  • festivals
  • weekend trail rides
  • birthday parties
  • family get togethers
  • play time with kids

Everything that I can possibly think of is listed.
After making the list, I add everything to an appointment book.

The appointment book has time slots.
If I’m meal planning at 10AM, no negotiating with myself, I meal plan.
If I give myself 30 mins, then I must complete this in 30 mins.
No scrolling on Facebook or answering text messages.
If the chores aren’t completed within the scheduled time frame, I finish on Fridays.

On Fridays, we finish strong.
Allow yourself 2 hrs to complete any unfinished tasks.
This’ll give your mind a rest, & a sense of accomplishment & peace.
When all tasks are done, you can go into the weekend relaxed with nothing hanging over your head.

The Thought Download has created more time.
I feel less anxious, & I find things don’t “pop” up as often.
Working off a list keeps you on task.
When you’re intentional with time, you get more done.

We all get 24 hours…all of us.
How are we spending it?

We want to look back on our lives & know we made time for our husband & children.
Create a life you love.

Slow down.


Stop doing things you don’t like doing.

“Time is more valuable than money.  You can get more money, but you cannot get more time “

-Jim Rohn

Hope this helps you!

I allow 20 mins a day to play with my kids.
Sometimes more if we’ve had a busy week/weekend.
We usually jump on the trampoline.
It is amazing how much joy it has brought us!

If you have thoughts or want to contact Sharli, please email her at  If you want to book some riding lessons, schedule an event at her ranch please visit

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