Search Engine Optimization Tip of the Day……text that appears in rich media formats such as video and flash headers, are very hard for search engines to read…if you do have key words appearing in rich media formats, make sure that you include them in the text on the page as well.

Content is key when it comes to organic SEO…your copy needs to have a story that it is telling…key words should be incorporated into paragraphs that are of the same subject.
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SEO Tip of the Day…when creating additional pages on a website make sure that you name the pages using a consistent naming convention. Always make the page names logical

For example makes no sense to any of us apart from maybe your own internal system.
Your naming convention needs to follow a protocol but it also needs to help your customers so the following makes much more sense to your customer as well as making sense
As a final bonus to a consistent and sense making naming convention it will help bolster your organic search engine optimization as one of the first places the engine will look is the page address!!!
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