Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tip of the Day! The current favorite way to layout small business websites is not just because it looks cool…5 years ago people preferred to click than scroll…10 years ago websites contained more text than images because of load speeds and a large percentage of people still having dial up…

A one page website is not just cool and nice for the people who like to scroll, it helps your organic SEO efforts too!!! A one page website is highly searchable by browsers for relevant keywords and links. So please do not think that your web designer is trying to short change you if they work at keeping all the options that you want to share online on 1 page! It is the sign of a great designer!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tip of the Day – We are half way through my list of SEO tips…would welcome input on if you think they have been helpful to small businesses and if you could please share my FaceBook page with colleagues and business friends that they think it can help.

So today’s tip is: links, links, links. Setting up links on your website to other sites that can help your customers, will keep your customers coming back to visit your website for information. In addition if you have links from your website with a reciprocal link it will help your organic SEO. Also if you do have links on your website, make sure that the anchor text is descriptive and relevant. Typing “Click Here” is not very helpful. Always attach your hyperlink to that text in your sentence. So in the below example the hyperlink should be attached to the words “swimming pool”. “Your swimming pool needs regular maintenance”
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tip of the Day – TWO WORDS – GOOGLE ANALYTICS. Definition from google “Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google launched the service in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin. Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet.” All I can say it is FREE and it is very HELPFUL! It takes just a few minutes to set up and can guide you significantly on what your message should be and who is reading it.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tip of the Day – SEO is very competitive. There is a constant struggle for those top ten (approx.) places on the first page of results. Organic SEO will only take you so far…it you want to guarantee a space at the top, paid advertising is the next step and can get pretty costly. Be prepared to budget and to monitor results closely.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tip of the Day – a simple one for you to implement right now! Choose your top keyword…place that keyword in the following places:

1. Home page title tag
2. Somewhere at the top of the page
3. 2-3 times in other text on page
4. At least once in the ALT text of an image
5. At least once in the Meta tag description

NEVER use your keywords in a link or as anchor text on a hyperlink. This is considered keyword cannibalization and will result in your organic SEO standing to fall…. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tip of the Day – Free is awesome especially when the item is giving you extra traffic, money, rank, reputation, riches, etc. There are a lot of free tools available for SEO but you have to be picky about which ones to use.

Here is a list of the top ones you should consider using on a regular basis…

1 Google Analytics which we have already touched on
2 Google Webmaster Tools
3 Google keyword planner
4 MozBar
5 SEOWorkers Analysis Tool
6 Woorank

We will touch on each of these for the next seven days…to get you started here is a link to the google analytics page. You will need a google user name (free) to utilize these tools.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tip of the Day – When updating your meta tags the tile property of your pages needs to be an accurate, concise description of a page’s content.

As title tags are such an important part of search engine optimization, it is very important that you implement the following concepts:

1. Search engines display only the first 65-75 characters of a title tag in the search results.
2. Make the text easy to read and descriptive
3. Place keywords at the beginning of the text so that the person reading it hits them early
4. Include your brand/company name in the text

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tip of the Day – The future of SEO is always changing, Technology changes minute by minute so as a DIY’er on SEO it is important that you interreact with your web developer to make sure that they are using the most up to date applications to create your website.

If you are using WordPress for example make sure that you are downloading your updates. Make sure that the theme you are using is updated. If you are using a them that has been dropped by the developer it might be a time to change.

If you are using Wix or any other builder make sure you are again that you are using the most up to date themes and updating your content regularly based on your keyword research!

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