Knowledgeable and experienced web developers and web designers are always reviewing new and useful techniques to utilize in their designs. Today is the sixth day of eleven where we will touch on different topics of discussion when interviewing for a new web designer or web development company:

How do you like to hear from your customers AND potential customers?  Via the phone, email, by text, or in person?  All four are perfect communication options in today’s world. “Call to Actions” should include all these options in different formats.  A call to action is a button, link, form, invite, or an offer that is on your website.  Call to actions should be readily available and easily found for your prospect that is reviewing your information.  Each scroll should offer a new call to action.

When considering content for your new website, make sure that your designer includes these as part of the design process.  Make sure they are bold and bright and easily utilized.  Your phone number at the top of the page is not generally enough – you really do not want potential customers searching for a way to get in touch! 

Review your website TODAY for “Call to Actions” and add them wherever you think necessary. Schedule a free review of your website by The Little Web Design Shop today by calling/texting 601 439 0932, emailing or via appointment at

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