Knowledgeable and experienced web developers and web designers are always reviewing new and useful techniques to utilize in their designs. Today is the fourth day of eleven where we will touch on different topics of discussion when interviewing for a new web designer or web development company:

Animation and movement on your website are almost a requirement in today’s world.

Personally, I do not like it there are items swinging in from everywhere, and the animation takes your eyes off the key message of the website. However, tasteful movement on images/texts as you scroll down, parallax scrolling, or animations on your slider images at the top of your home page adds fun and interest and can be used to give focus to important messages and calls to action!

A couple of examples I really like are A. – I love how on the slider the square blocks move around imitating the movement of a photographer. B. is full of movement and bright imagery. Check them both out!

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