Knowledgeable and experienced web developers and web designers are always reviewing new and useful techniques to utilize in their designs.  Today is the second day of eleven where we will touch on different topics of discussion when interviewing for a new web designer or web development company:

Parallax Scrolling:  This scrolling effect is getting popular among the website owners and designers. The animations take place in various layers, each with different speeds. For example, background image moves slower than the foreground image creating a pleasing visual treat. There are serious discussions among the web developers for the digging of new web design topics, whether to have this feature or not. It provides a visual treat when used minimally and an unwanted distraction when used maximum.

Infinite Scrolling:  This much-discussed feature poses a challenge for SEO. Facebook or Twitter feeds are exact samples of this type of scrolling. The content gets updated and keeps on loading each time when the user reaches the bottom of the page. This may be useful for a shopping site, but it has the danger of irritating the user in normal informative web sites. Web designers have to think twice while including this feature on their website.

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