Is a Facebook page enough or do you think your business should have a website too?  Here are Seven Reasons Why I think a Facebook Page is not Enough!

1.  Not everyone can see your information as they do not have a Facebook account!

2.  Facebook is restrictive on content!

3.  All social media platforms are supposed to compliment your website, not replace it!

4.  Newsfeeds are beasts – even if you have a follower, there is no guarantee that they will see your posts!

5.  It is never guaranteed that your Facebook page will come up in search results!  You have greater control on your website address showing in Google and Bing results.  People typically search on Google first and then social media as a second option.

6. Having a website increases your professional visibility – just a Facebook page makes it seem like you are playing at having a business!  Sadly, there are a lot of scammers on Facebook.

7.  You are in total control of your website.  Facebook regularly changes its rules, policies, and algorithms so you have no control over the results you will get from having a Facebook page.

About the Author

Alyson Stasek is the owner of The Little Web Design Shop, LLC based in Mount Olive, Mississippi.  The Web Design Shop works with small businesses to help them with their online identity, website, social media, marketing, and search engine optimization.

Essentially, The Web Design Shop helps small businesses to grow, succeed and to develop an online identity and brand that will take them into the future.  This can include helping right from the beginning and the initial concept for a company.  Services include designing of a logo, writing a business plan, domain & hosting purchases, email, and set up social media accounts, in addition to web design, development and marketing support.

The road is long, and full of distractions and hazards.  Let The Little Web Design Shop help guide you and support you. | Office 601 667 0009 |


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