The Story

“Still Standing” is the gripping and true story of man’s refusal to quit. They say if you want to make God smile, tell him you have a plan. Dwight’s plan was to live his dream, teach math, coach football, and build a comfortable life for himself. Fate had other things in store for him.

The story of Dwight’s physical and emotional journey from life as an able-bodied young man chasing his dreams only to have his world turned upside down by the thoughtless act of a 71-year old drunk driver. With no visible signs of life, having coded twice, the doctors called his death. But Dwight survived against all odds. With many physical and emotional setbacks.

The website needed to be full of hope and color – strong imagery alongside a compelling story of pain and survival, Dwight’s epic saying “Pain is REAL, but so is HOPE” is the real story behind this website too!

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Dwight’s story is one of hope and support.  Please donate to his cause on the website.  Thank you.