The Greatest Question of all TimeWHO are WE?

The easy answer to this question is….The Little Web Design Shop is a small business based in Mount Olive, Mississippi and we work with small businesses to help them with their online identity, website, social media, marketing, and search engine optimization.

The Greatest Question of all TimeThe More Interesting Answer

The more interesting answer to that question is that we help small businesses to grow, succeed and to develop an online identity and brand that will take them into the future.

This can include helping out right from the beginning and from the initial concept for their company.  We can help you design a logo, put together a business plan, purchase a domain, email and set up social media accounts.  These are all things that happen when you first step out into the world of business.  We enjoy being part of your decision making and we make a great sounding board for your different ideas and concepts.  The road is long, and full of distractions and hazards.  Let The Little Web Design Shop help guide you and support you.  It may be some time before we actually get to work on your website!

So essentially, we work in all points of a company’s lifespan.  So, wherever your business is at we can help with your marketing, sales and branding.  We help you to answer the question “Who are we?”

Located in Mount Olive, MS, The Little Web Design Shop is in the center of the Pine Belt and serves the Southern US and beyond for all design and development needs. Whether you’re focused on building your brand or expanding your presence in the community, we can develop marketing strategies and materials to help you reach your target base with more efficiency and with a greater impact.

We know that all businesses require unique solutions when it comes to advertising and marketing. From identifying and locating your core customer base, to choosing the best media to reach them, The Little Web Design Shop can help you effectively get the word out on your company or brand. The Shop offers digital design and can give you referrals to getting your collateral printed.  The Little Web Design Shop has all the tools to help grow your business.

Web Design

Our web design services include anything from small website edits to complete redesigns. We build fully functional, fully customized content managed sites. From establishing a simple web presence to actively pursuing your target audience using search engine optimization, The Little Web Design Shop brings professional website design to the businesses and consumers in the south USA. Using the powerful WordPress platform, our sites offer easy to use plugins that expand the functionality of your site. This includes features such as SEO management, contact forms, email collection, and member’s only areas. WordPress has an incredible a content management system that ensures that your team can take over website updates after the initial setup, with little technical knowledge needed. And of course, The Little Web Design Shop will always be ready to help you out if you get stuck or need new custom graphics or website features in the future.

Logo Design & Branding

Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand, and unique logo design is the first step of any successful marketing strategy. Tell us your core values and target audience and let our team of designs get to work creating a company logo sure to stand out from your competition. Our designers all have different design concepts and ideas have the expertise to create whatever look you envision; whether that’s simple and elegant, sleek and innovative, or bold and aggressive.  Let us help your brand your corporate picture to the outside world!

Print Materials

Putting your logo on various printing materials shows the pride you have in your brand. It creates awareness and engagement from both supporters and complete strangers. It shows that you take your company seriously.  Custom business cards and letterheads provide an effective way to introduce your brand into various business interactions. Brochures, banners, and company apparel make you the approachable and already connected with your potential customer at public events.

01Our Philosophy

Work hard | Inspire | Develop | Create | Support

02Our Technique

Listen | Research | Understand | Explore Ideas | Brainstorm | Teach | Implement

03The Results

New Clients | New Ideas | A Growing Business | Results

ExploreOur Story...My Story

“Over the years, I have discovered that TEAMWORK is what being
a small business owner is all about!”

Alyson Stasek, Owner at The Little Web Design Shop

Budget Friendly Website Design
Where it all started!Does anyone really know as a child or even as a young adult what they will end up doing for work as an adult? My dream was to be a lawyer. Things did not work out that way. My first "real" job was working in the advertising department of one our local newspapers. The fast pace, rep eat rep environment taught me that you have to be tough, dedicated and have a large amount of tenacity to close the sale!
Budget Friendly Website Design
Moving on...Direct Marketing Ok, so now I understand what it takes to be a great sales person. I had learnt from the best that you should never be afraid to ask for the sale. News got out! I was head hunted by a local direct marketing firm to come and join their newly set up sales team. My first question was "What in the heck is direct marketing? On a incredibly sharp learning curve I was about too learn about databases, mailing lists and how sending information to highly targeted people could generate business. It was an incredibly exciting time.
Budget Friendly Website Design
PioneerI had become a pioneer and industry "go to " person for B2B mailing lists which were fast becoming emailing lists as well. My total understanding of the industry, my competitors, my ability to target the usual suspects and my skill at presenting my service perfectly ensured my survival. Or so it seemed!
Budget Friendly Website Design
Technology and my BrainA surprising move to Colorado made me reappraise what I wanted to do. To pay the bills, I decided to take a job offered to me by a friend teaching at a State University in the continuing education division. The topic.....Microsoft Office. I have an unnaturally wired brain that picks up on software quickly and efficiently. Sales team training had inadvertently sent me up to be a great lecturer. Suddenly I was in the world of designing and developing databases using Microsoft Access and Visual Basic. Client after client, application after application streamed from my fingers. Awards followed.
Budget Friendly Website Design
The Vast Incredible World Wide WebAlmost overnight, clients did not want desktop or network based databases anymore, they wanted solutions that were implemented on their intranets. Another steep learning curve led me to html, web design and creativity. I had found a new facet of my skill sets that I can use to help small businesses to build their customer base.
Budget Friendly Website Design
Small Business | Web Design | Marketing | Technology | Sales | Branding | Social MediaSo here we are. 2020 and social media and search engine optimization are topics that I have added to my portfolio. Allow me to help you develop, promote and design marketing materials for your company that work and that generate results. Call me today on (601) 667-0009 or email at I welcome the opportunity for you to pick my brain. Together we can make things happen!