Business Focus: Specialty Cleaning & Organizing Services LLC

Business FocusSpecialty Cleaning & Organizing Services LLC

As admin of one of the top small business groups on Facebook and Alignable, I want to feature a small business regularly to help them with their marketing and promotion.

Each business will be chosen based on their submission to be featured, ability to discuss and promote their business, ideas and concepts that they offer and of course their dedication to being the best in their service area.  I hope that we all support our local small business and that if you need cleaning services in your home or business, you will consider giving this forward moving small business the opportunity to quote for services.

For this Business Focus: Specialty Cleaning & Organizing Services LLC, Aurelia Myers, Owner

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/thecleaningladyscoservices/


Specialty Cleaning & Organizing Services LLC, also known as The Cleaning Lady, is a business that was born out of a passion for the work. It is run by a husband and wife duo. We have been operating for roughly three months. The reason this business was established is because cleaning isn’t just a job;it is a way of life. We love all things tidy and find ourselves being relaxed when we take on these tasks. Something about making something shine like new just puts a smile on our clients’ faces and definitely does the same for us!


Although we have not been in business long the challenges we have seen in being business owners are definitely something we anticipated and have done well in learning how to overcome them. One thing we have been faced with in starting is pricing the business. It’s not easy trying to figure out how to charge for a service rather than a product. It took only a few appointments to realize things would have to change when we discuss pricing with customers. Some appointments would take longer and require more work with smaller homes where as some larger houses wouldn’t take long at all. It’s very difficult trying to find balance in how exactly to charge. Luckily with experience from previous appointments and mentorship from other housekeepers we finally got on the right track and can accurately provide our customers with price quotes and available times.
Our biggest challenge has been taking the leap of faith, putting ourselves out there, and trusting the process. It took days of prayer, still does. Once we finally stopped thinking about the “what ifs” we put a plan into motion that secured where we are today. It took a few friends and family members giving us words of encouragement. The one thing that really helped us to overcome this challenge was booking our first appointment. That was the final confirmation we needed that told us we were on the right path. For this we are beyond grateful and have been extremely blessed since the beginning.

What we like about being business owners

Most entrepreneurs will say the thing they enjoy most about what they do is being their own boss and doing things how they see fit. That is true for us also but that isn’t why we chose to be business owners. Being business owners comes with quite a bit of emotions. Although we can’t display most of those emotions publicly, there is one we all have in common that we express often: joy. It has been the greatest feeling to be able to work for ourselves. We take pride in our work, hearing our clients say “thank you, we love it,” and having them call us back! It’s a gift to be able to make someone else’s life easier! Not everyone has the time to clean or organize and not everyone has the motivation to do it. So to be able to do what our clients feel like they can’t do is always our biggest achievement. We love that we get to be personal with our clients because after all, we are in their personal space. We are grateful to them for trusting us to enter their homes and make all things tidy.

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