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Scroll down if you need some pointers and ideas on what your new website address should be.

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The Little Web Design Shop now offers domain purchasing services.  You can search and find your next website address (aka URL, aka domain) right here!

An extension is the group of characters that appear at the end of your website address after the “dot”.  Traditionally we have used .com, .edu, or .org.  Today though there are lots of  other extensions that are more fun and interesting that are available to use.  Think outside the box, but choose one that is logical to the service or product you are offering.

Remember when choosing a new website address, make sure it is something that is easily recognizable and is less than 15 characters long.

Try not to use a lot of initials that are not commonly seen together, for example, “The Little Web Design Shop” is easier for people to remember than “TLWDS”!

I followed the rules and reduced my domain name to less than 15 characters which is nice and easy to remember – “WebDesignShop” and I used a new extension that is now available… “.us” which indicates that I am located in the United States of America.

A little knowledgeGoes a LONG Way!

Getting to know some terminology & some Guidelines for you to decide on your new website address.